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Diving Into Sim-Racing

I had hoped to ease into the world of sim-racing with a generously donated racing-wheel setup. But things seldom turn out like you plan.

Dead of Winter

I was in Portland recently and found this little gem at Cloud Cap Games. My brother in law (who is a certified horror-movie expert) thought I might like this and we tried one of the expanded versions last fall at SHUX. My game collection is getting a little unwieldy and it’s definitely time to thinContinue reading “Dead of Winter”

Back to Pedalboards

A few years ago I made a tectonic-sized shift away from the classic guitar-pedals-amp setup and bought a Kemper profiling amp. It turned out to be one of the best gear purchases I’ve ever made and it continues to delight me every time I play it. It has worked particularly well both for recording andContinue reading “Back to Pedalboards”

Back to Blogging

This is my third (fourth?) iteration of blogging. Previous attempts were always focused around cultivating a display of expertise in some particular topic (software, guitars, etc.) But over time, it just turned into work, so I always ended up shutting them down in the end. But after awhile I realized I had things I wantedContinue reading “Back to Blogging”